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A blm supporter just randomly killed 3 patrons in a bar for retired cops in Kentuky... I guess he really cared for them.

Well, I don't expect anyone to research this subject, but to a certain extent the chosen "sustainable" technologies are themselves unsustainable. Take wind power: to produce its steel you need to burn tons of carbon to produce a single tower, then tons of cement to fix one on the ground, it's worse at see... And to make it even better, it's low intensity energy and irregular, so it needs back up energy from a fossil fuel or nuclear plant. Without government subsidies it would cost 7 times more than fossil fuel.
Clean efficient energies exist, but the promoters of sustainable development don't want them. They suppress the technologies that would be clean AND efficient AND really sustainable. It's all an elite scam.

They are in power until Jan 2021, 4 months. It's within their right and duty. That's Dems' political rhetoric. They would rush one themselves.